Memory Care

Dementia at St. Andrew's at New Florence

Feeling At Home

St. Andrew's at New Florence wants everyone to feel at home, and this component of our person-centered care model holds especially true for seniors experiencing memory loss. Our team treats residents like families, and our nurses, therapists, and doctors get to know each individual on a personal level, which is key.

Familiar Surroundings

We boast about our campus and the wilderness surrounding our Montgomery-based community; but for residents in our memory care household, we know that easy-to-navigate, close quarters help seniors with dementia feel in control.

Reducing Stress

Not all communities are equipped to handle residents with memory loss. Having one, dependable long-term care community eliminates the uneasiness many older adults experience with multiple transitions late in life.

Dignify & Understanding

Our family-friendly community makes it easy for friends and families to visit loved ones. We offer free tours and consultations, our nurses and therapists demonstrate gentle care techniques to help seniors experiencing memory impairment feel comfortable, supported, and dignified.

Our Memory Care Program:

The transformed St. Andrew's at New Florence has been recognized for its remodeled Neighborhood. Beyond the great views and fun games, we also incorporate activities that engage seniors and invigorate their minds.

Memory Care at St. Andrew's at New Florence

Making Connections

The best way to combat and reduce the symptoms of dementia and other forms of memory loss is 'making connections.' The strong bond our team forms with our residents ensures that we make the most out of each day. We do not subscribe to any 'one-sizes fits all care model.'

About Our Program

The household is designed around comfort of life. Our home-like community implements Activity Programing and the seven domains of wellness. In addition to 24/7 care, our Director Of Nursing, Laura Beck, and our Activities Director, Lisa Popp, mentor a program that meets in groups and individually with each memory care resident routinely.

We welcome families & friends to visit or volunteer, which help elders thrive emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

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St. Andrew's at New Florence is committed to seniors, and to Montgomery county and surrounding counties in many ways. Our team actively volunteer at area events and make valuable contributions to the community.

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