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Nurse Practitioner Melody Wilkinson

Melody Wilkinson, Nurse PractitionerNurse Practitioner
Melody Wilkinson

Why Choose ICP?

  • Personalized care provided by our full-time Nurse Practitioner
  • On-site visits in the comfort of your residence to keep you comfortable and healthy
  • No need to wait for an off-site clinic appointment
  • Regular interaction with specialists, family if desired, and increased coordination of care
  • Decreased risk of ER visits, falls, or hospitilization

Sick Visits - Chronic Condition Management - Therapy Referrals - Preventine Care

Visits available by resident or family request and referral by nursing staff.

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St. Andrew's at New Florence is committed to seniors, and to Montgomery county and surrounding counties in many ways. Our team actively volunteer at area events and make valuable contributions to the community.

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